Hydro Jetting & Sewer Jetter Services

The pipes in your home or business are essential to keep water flowing every day. Unfortunately, you can’t see inside the pipes to know when they are clogged, and that can lead to serious issues like flooding and water damage if it’s not addressed. Hydro jetting (sometimes referred to as sewer jetting) is an effective method to remove most blockages in your pipes and drains. It uses pressurized water, which is one of the most powerful tools to eliminate debris and clogs.

How Hydro Jetting Works

At Windsor Rooter we perform a video inspection of the line to determine if hydro jetting is the best solution. Next steps are finding the closest access point to the problem, and then inserting the high-pressure water hose to remove the obstruction. We will then close the access point and test your system to make sure it is operating as expected.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting offers several benefits over other alternatives for clearing clogged drains or pipes. It is the most powerful option available to clear out debris, and it works for a very wide variety of clogs, including:

  • Tree or plant roots
  • Grease
  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Hair and other common clog debris

It’s more effective than clog removers and drain cleaners that you can buy at the store, and even better than snaking for situations where you need to ensure that the clog is fully removed and there are no traces of residual debris in the pipes. Leaving residue behind can lead to more problems.  Hydro Jetting is a safe and sanitary option, plus it’s environmentally friendly because it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals and can be used even in close vicinity with protected water sources like rivers, ponds, and lakes.

When to Use Hydro Jetting

You can use hydro jetting for almost any type of clogged pipe, particularly ones that traditional methods like snaking or drain cleaner won’t be able to clear. You can do preventive hydro jetting to keep your pipes clean and healthy long into the future by scheduling a video inspection and maintenance every few years. You can also have this done before you purchase a new home as part of the inspection process. This can alert you to any potential issues in the plumbing that can be taken care of early to avoid future problems.


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Windsor Rooter, a family-owned and operated plumbing services company in Columbus, provides hydro jetting services to residential homes and commercial businesses in central Ohio. Call us today to find out whether hydro jetting is the best choice for you and get a fast and free no-obligation quote for hydro jetting services.

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