Water Line Installation / Replacement

Water Line Installation

Windsor Rooter can take care of your water line installation from the street to your home or businesses. Depending on the circumstances, we may dig an open trench to lay the water line in. Or, we may use a boring machine to bore the tunnel and insert the pipe under the ground for your water line installation.

Water Line Replacement

Main water line replacement used to mean digging up your property to remove the old pipe and install the new one. With Windsor Rooter’s modern trenchless water line installation, most water lines can be replaced with minimal digging. Windsor Rooter experts will always take the least invasive route when performing water line replacement and will only do so after confirming that water line repair is not a viable option.

Water Line Repair

Water line repair often can solve issues with a leaking water line. Here are some things to look for when determining if a water line repair is necessary:

  1. Water bill is higher than usual: A high water will is generally the first indicator that you
    may have a leak in your home’s water line. If your water bill jumps more than 20% and
    you haven’t had unusual activity, it’s a good idea to start troubleshooting for a water
  2. Saturated water spot in the yard: Look for any soggy areas in your yard that may
    indicate a leak below the surface. If it hasn’t rained this is always an easy assessment.
  3. Listen for a water leak: Oftentimes, people can actually hear if there is a water leak in
    their home. It may come from the crawl space or slab foundation. It can also come from
    inside a wall. Walk through your home and listen for any sounds of water spraying.
    Once the water line leak is detected it will need to be exposed to make the proper repair or
    replacement, Windsor Rooter & Plumbing Services will provide the best option to resolve your water line issue.

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