Water Line Repair

Water main lines bring water from the city water system into residences and commercial buildings. Even though these water mains are located underground, they still can break or leak. When that happens, the water line needs to be repaired by professional plumbers.

Windsor Rooter has decades of experience repairing and installing water mains. Our water main repair process is designed to minimize property owner involvement and keep costs affordable.

Water Main Line Repair Process:

  • Before any repair work can be done, we first locate the leak or damaged section in need of water main repair. Windsor has the specialized equipment necessary for leak detection in order to locate the problem in the water main without digging up the entire line.
  • Once the problem area has been located, permits must be acquired to begin the work. Windsor Rooter will pay for “Right of Way” permits needed for access at curb. This is built into our price for water main repair and covered under our contract for your convenience.
  • Windsor Plumbing makes calls 48 hours prior to excavation to have underground utilities identified and marked.
  • Windsor Rooter will provide excavation as needed to access the underground line for water main repair. We will always attempt to keep the excavation as minimal as possible to limit the disturbance of landscaping.
  • Once the damaged section uncovered, our plumbers will repair the line.
  • As with all of our work, the line will be tested to be certain that the issue with the water main repair is fully resolved. We will also order the necessary inspection prior to recovering the line.
  • If landscaping or other aspects of the property have been disturbed or damaged in the process of the water main repair, Windsor Plumbing will make repairs as necessary.

Water main leak repair

A leak in your water main coming to your house can be difficult to detect, especially if it is small. A potential indication to property owners that there may be a leak in the water main is an increase in water bill. If the gallons used are higher than normal for no apparent reason, you may have a leak. A plumber will need to assess the situation and determine if there is a leak in your plumbing system and where. Windsor Rooter can care for all of your water main leak repairs.

Water main break repair

A break in your water main is a serious problem. Sometimes older water main lines can deteriorate over time and break. Water mains can also be crushed or damaged accidentally necessitating a water main break repair. If you believe the water main on your property is broken, call your utility services immediately. Then call Windsor Rooter to assess the situation.

Underground Water Line Repair

Underground water line repair is something to be managed by an expert plumber. If the water line to your home or building is leaking or broken, at least a portion of the water line will need to be dug up. Unearthing the underground water supply whether to be repaired or for main water line replacement is part of what makes this service so costly to the property owner.

Broken water line repair excavation

Many times, the water pipe repair requires digging a trench the full length of the water line. This is necessary to be sure all the problems with the pipe are uncovered. This can be true whether the pipe is being repaired or being replaced. Windsor Plumbing can remedy a water main line replacement as well if deemed necessary.

How long to fix a water main break

The total time required to fix a water main break will vary, depending on several factors. Before digging can begin, all the underground utility lines in the area need to be located and marked. This can take 24 to 48 hours. The excavation and actual repair of the pipe can usually be completed in one day or less.

Main Water Line Repair

If you find yourself in need of main water line repair, that can mean shutting off the water supply to your home or business during the repairs. This can be an important issue to consider when scheduling the repair or when doing renovations to existing sewer system. There can also be issues related to the potability of the water. If your water main has broken, the water flowing into your plumbing system might be contaminated. These are all issues to be discussed with your plumbing contractor.

Plumbing main water line repair for businesses

Windsor Rooter has experience repairing water mains for businesses. We understand how critical it is to get your water restored when a break occurs. You can count on us to handle the situation quickly and get your water back on as soon as possible.

Water service line repair for municipalities

Windsor Rooter has the professionals and equipment necessary to service municipalities that need help with their water line repairs. Call us for quotes on water main leak repair or water line replacement.

Repair Water Line From Meter To House

Signs you need to repair water line to house

Water line repair is not a frequent event for homeowners. Most homeowners never need to deal with this type of repair. How then, do you know if you need to repair the water line from meter to house?

There are three common clues to a water line break or leak:

  • Discoloration of your water
  • Low water pressure
  • Increase in water bill

Any one of these may be a sign that you need a water line repair. But there are other things which can cause these symptoms as well. It is important to have the situation evaluated by a trusted and experienced plumbing professional.

Is main water line to house repair expensive?

  • The expense involved with water line repair depends on several different factors.
  • Whether excavation is necessary to make the repair
  • The location of the break or leak
  • The costs of materials and labor for repair
  • Permit costs
  • Landscape repair costs

Although water line repair can be a significant expense, there are ways to keep costs reasonable. An important factor is using a plumbing company that has plenty of experience with water line repair. Experience translates into quick, efficient work.

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